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When I needed help the most, Treusch Law was quick to stand by my side. I owe you a debt of thanks for saving my home and putting my family at ease. Andy walked us through a very stressful situation and explained everything to me us in detail. In today's tough times every penny counts and Treusch Law lifted a giant burden from my shoulders. I highly recommend Andy and the team whenever I can.

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Treusch Knows Mortgage Financing - Loan Modifications & Foreclosure Defense


loan modificationsWith over Twenty-Five years of experience, The Treusch Law Group has refinanced thousands of home loans and saved millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. At The TREUSCH LAW GROUP we understand that when a person seeks legal services it usually because something is going wrong in their life. We have learned that one of the most valuable services we can offer in times like these is to simply listen. This serves two purposes; first, it allows us to fully understand the facts surrounding your legal issue and; second it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your situation and put it in perspective.

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Diminished Value is a type of damage

diminished valueDamage is an essential element in any civil claim. If you did not suffer a type of damage that is recognizable in a court of law then you don't have a civil case against that person or organization regardless of how dastardly they treated you. Pretty much everybody knows that if you are involved in an automobile accident and your car is damaged as a result of the negligence of another person then their insurance is responsible to fix your car to its pre‐ accident condition. However, were you aware that even if they pay to repair your car you may still have an additional claim for "Diminished Value"?  

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Attorneys and Staff


Andy Treusch Esq. Orlando, FLAndy Treusch, Esq. is an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida since 1985. He has represented thousands of individuals injured in accidents. Originally from South Florida, Mr. Treusch hitched his wagon and immigrated to Orlando, Florida where he and his family now reside. He continues to practice accident law but has also expanded into consumer related areas such as helping folks obtain favorable loan modifications, reduce consumer debt and file for bankruptcy.


Mr. Treusch attended the University of South Florida, earning his undergraduate degree in communications with an emphasis on theatre. He then travelled to Los Angeles, California with hopes of “making it” in the movie industry. However, he graduated law school from Southwestern University School of Law with a degree in Juris Doctorate before being discovered by Hollywood. Alas, he returned to Florida, sat for, and passed the Florida Bar and promptly entered the workforce as an attorney. It was during his first four years he learned the “ins and outs” of accident law. His practice grew and he established his own practice in North Miam,i Florida. Mr. Treusch is a member of the Florida Bar in good standing, a former member of the Florida Trial Lawyers Association as well as the Academy of Trial Lawyers. He has litigated issue of Florida Procedural law before the Third District Court of Appeals and then onto the Florida Supreme Court. Rojas v. Ryder Truck Rental, Inc., 625 So. 2d 106 (Fla. 3d DCA 1993) and Florida Supreme Court, Docket No. 82,692.


Donnie Stephens, Treusch Law GroupDonnie Stephens has been helping clients purchase and refinance homes since 2002. In 2010, Mr. Stephens began working with attorney Andy Treusch where they could use their expertise to assist potential and current homeowners secure home loans and refinance existing home loans.  Prior to his involvement with Mr. Treusch, Mr. Stephens managed and opened individual lending branches throughout West Florida with Countrywide Home Loans.  Having worked his way up from an entry level loan officer, Mr. Stephens gained valuable perspective into the live cycle of home loans.


While many home mortgage employees moved on to other careers after the “collapse of the housing market,” Mr. Stephens stayed ahead of the curve by continuing to find ways to help homeowners stay in their homes.  Mr. Stephens kept his finger on the pulse of a dramatically changing industry, and he stayed abreast of ever-changing regulations until the banks regained willingness to lend again.  It is this experience and persistence which makes Mr. Stephens a viable partner in helping homeowners assess and act on needs relating to their home loans.  Mr. Stephens is a National Licensed Mortgage Originator (NMLS# 351806) and maintains licenses and training required to service individuals throughout the country.


Mr. Stephens was born and raised in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Florida area.  He attendeded Murray State University on a football scholarship and played professional football in Kiel, Germany. Mr. Stephens returned to Florida where he now lives with his wife and three children in Windemere, Florida.